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Zeiler Training Academy is dedicated to inspiring young players to see the greatest potential within themselves - and provides them the tools necessary to succeed at the highest levels in soccer and in life.

Private Socce Trainer


Zeiler is a Chicago soccer coach and former player. His playing career consisted of a long list of reputable schools & clubs including; NCAA Division II Nova Southeastern, Saint Xavier University, St. Francis University, amateur pro Schwaben A.C. Chicago Fire Academy NPSL, Chicago Magic, & Windy City Pride.


His coaching career includes St. Xavier Men's Soccer, Chicago Fire Juniors, and here at Zeiler Training Academy. Lucas is also the owner of Chicago's Adult and Youth Training Company, Thrive 45 Fitness. After 8 years of coaching, Lucas lives a life of inspiring others and is dedicated to teaching the game of soccer.

"U.S. Soccer has many flaws in how we train and develop players today - The biggest flaw is that Americans do not train enough, it's simple - it's wired within our culture."

-Coach Zeiler


PLayer Profiles

Every player receives a unique training design - tailored to effectively bring out their very best.

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Working with Coach Zeiler had an exceptional impact on me. Through his use of dynamic strength, conditioning, and technical drills he helped me tremendously. His drills were always innovative and constantly forced me to improve my game. He stressed and instilled in me a strong self-belief as a sense of inner motivation. His training not only helped me improve on the field, but off it as well - and for that I will always be thankful.
Coach Luke went above and beyond to train me not only as a player but also a friend. His passion and determination not only to me but also our team was inspiring and humbling. Overall as a coach, I think Luke's fiery personality matched with his technical ability as a player is what makes him a great coach. He knows the game fully, he knows what it takes to get to peak performance ability, and most importantly, he knows how to push his players in order for them to reach that next milestone.
I have had the privilege of working with Lucas for the last two years of my collegiate career. Not only has he helped me get back into the game of soccer after my ACL surgery in 2014, but he also helped remind me how I first came to love the game. His skill as a coach and mentor is impeccable. His hard work and dedication to the sport and players have not gone unrecognized. I have seen him work with players as a team and individually, gaining respect from each player, including myself. With me, he took the time to figure out my strengths and weaknesses on the field and would not stop working until I was completely satisfied with the player I wanted to become. For this, I owe him the remainder of my career as a soccer player.
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Lucas Zeiler

Personal Trainer

Training Facility:

12159 S. Pulaski Rd. Alsip, IL 60803


(708) 408-5179



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