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Monthly Mentoring Program

- 80% of Coaches only teach the physical part of the game. 

If you are looking for a mentor for your player to help strengthen their mental fitness, and get them on a path towards ultimate success - this is the perfect program. 

For $99 per month you get 2 Scheduled Coaching Calls each month and free access to our Online Mental Training Course.  Players will also get my direct line for more immediate guidance.


Within 6 Months your child will learn the 7 Principles of Mental Strength Development ™.  You expect to see lifestyle changes that will lead to significant improvement. 

Most coaches don't have the time to mentor individual players effectively. Our Monthly Coaching Calls are designed to strengthen the mind of your player, hold him/her accountable, and give them the right perspective that will surely put them on a path towards success.

Space is limited. Apply Below to get started.

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