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Mastermind Program

- 90% of Youth Coaches only teach the physical part of the game. 

- 80% of High School Coaches demand Mentally Strong Players.

- 90% of College Coaches demand Mentally Strong Players.

- 100% of Professional Coaches demand Mentally Strong Players.

If your child is serious about playing at a high level, this is program is ideal to get their mind fit for those demands.

In 6 weeks your player will not only learn about the 7 Principles of Mental Strength Development™, but also how to implement them to totally transform as a player. 

Over 20 years of Mental Training, Life Coaching, and Behavioral Analysis are packed into this effective 6-Week Program. 

Video Tutorials, Take-Home Exercises, & 1-on-1 Coaching Calls are included to execute this Mental Training. For 6 weeks we take a deep dive into what it takes to think and live like an Elite Athlete. You can expect your child to go through a major transformation and finally tap into their true potential. 

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